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Crowded areas are not just filled with people but also with germs and bacteria that can pose a health risk to the community or your audience. These bacteria can be transferred via hand contact if not deter or prevented..

Ensure the health of your guests and people around the activity areas by investing in portable hand sink rental units that offered thorough hand cleaning and sanitation. JustToi offers clients an extensive line of portable wash sink stations that can be used for events, busuiness,  and public use. Our line of portable sink rental units is equipped with amenities to guarantee to promote hygiene and a healthy environment at a very affordable price range.

Portable Toilet

Importance of hand sanitation and portable wash sink units

Sanitation and hygiene are important factors in building a  healthy community. With diseases can easily get contracted by a mere touch, it is important to impose strict sanitation policies in events and in the community. Investing in a mobile hand washing station and portable toilet units would encourage people to practice proper hygiene wherever they are.

Apart from health reasons, the community can benefit from installing portable wash stations in different locations.  Benefits like:

  • Compliance to laws and policies implemented by certain jurisdictions
  • Thwart the spread of diseases in communities and outdoor activities
  • Help people maintain an orderly appearance in public
  • Encourage kids to practice proper sanitation at an early age
  • Ensure that utensils and food are thoroughly cleaned and properly prepared

A wide selection of portable sink rental stations

Here at JustToi, we provide our clients with the privilege of choosing the best equipment for their needs. We ensure that our inventory presents a wide range of outdoor sanitary amenities with different brands and models.

We partner with credible mobile restroom trailers and utility sink manufacturers and suppliers to have access to the latest hygiene and sanitation equipment. Each model and brand we offer went through a thorough inspection and quality assurance before they are sent out for installation and rental. These hand washing amenities can be used for various projects like construction projects, event sanitation, and maintaining the health of the general public.

Do you want to book your portable toilet today?

Do you want to book your portable toilet today?

Prioritize health & cleanliness with a reliable on-site portable wash station

Keep your guests’ hand clean and germ-free with our line of outdoor sink stations. Check out our collection of sanitary equipment and consult with our specialists to know the best brands that would fit your requirements. Give us a call on 012-4522862 or send a message through our website form. 

We would be happy to walk you through the process and provide you with sound insights to address your outdoor sanitation concerns.