Here at JustToi, we are committed to bringing the best in clean, comfortable, and attractive mobile toilet units and sanitary amenities to clients and their end-users. As one of the established portable toilet wholesalers in Malaysia, we partner with known brands and credible mobile toilet manufacturers to have access to the latest in outdoor toileting equipment that can elevate your guestsโ€™ and staff experience.

Our expansive client portfolio includes homeowners, various businesses, and industry sectors who are looking for solid on-location sanitation solutions at a very competitive pricing. With JustToi, you are not just getting movable toilets for sale โ€“ you are bringing class and comfort to your event or your on-site construction projects.

Advantages of partnering with mobile toilet manufacturers and providers

Outdoor sanitation is an important issue that is often neglected due to lack of planning and access to amenities. JustToi aims to help individuals and entrepreneurs to be on-point with their implementation of outdoor cleanliness by providing a wide range of portable sink stations and restrooms that would meet the needs of every user.

Our partnership with portable toilet manufacturers enables us to better serve our clients and give them a wide range of options to address their sanitary amenity requirements. With JustToi, clients can enjoy a number of benefits such as:

  • Easy access to high-quality the latest outdoor sanitary facilities
  • Experience superior service like same-day delivery
  • Bespoke and complete toileting solutions
  • A team of experts to maintain your own sanitary equipment.
  • Competitive portable toilet prices

Convenient shopping & booking process from credible portable toilet wholesalers

JustToi aims to make your leasing and shopping process simple for clients. Our online site is designed to provide easy navigation and optimum browsing experience. Site visitors can easily find what they are looking for and we provide an avenue to our clients to easily communicate with us via our website.

Moreover, our dedicated staff and experts will ensure that all your needs are met and all your concerns are addressed. We collaborate with clients and work closely with them to determine their requirements and provide the ideal solution to their outdoor sanitation problems.

Be one of our partners today!

Are you looking for reliable portable mobile toilets for your construction business or looking to rent for a mobile restroom for your private event? Set an appointment with our experts today and letโ€™s talk about our potential partnership. Call us or message us via our Online Contact Form.